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Spiral residency

Spiral Residency

The Makeway Lab has been designed and developed on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Recently the Makeway Lab was awarded Queensland Government funding to develop an art and health program and trial and research the activities to gauge their benefit and opportunities for expansion.

In April 16 the trial commenced with Spiral Nambour. Spiral is a not-for-profit organisation who provide an environment of self-determination for people with multiple disabilities on the Sunshine Coast. Spiral’s programs aim to help people build capacity, link into their communities, access leisure and recreational interests, learning and vocational opportunities to become valued members of their communities.

The Makeway Lab Residency (to October 2016) aims to enhance Spiral’s programs and include both creative and design for health applications. The Residency will lead to a showcase exhibition as part of the Horizon Arts Festival and include a Sensory Space featuring the participants work.

Residency Newsletter

Our Newsletter captures the activities of the Residency and other events

May 2016

November 2016

The Makeway Lab is a Blue Sky View program supported by Arts Queensland

The Sensory & Horizons exhibition was supported by RADF, The Old Ambulance Station, Spiral and Blue Sky View

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Sunshine Coast Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

Exhibition Event

The outcomes of the Makeway Lab residency were showcased at The Old Ambulance Station, Nambour as part of the Sunshine Coast Horizon Festival.

Check out Spiral’s great video of the event!