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Using the Makeway Lab we're making a hand grip for Em J that she can hold when moving through doorways.

Design #1, a desk clamp and 3D printed grip, worked okay however we need to re-position the grip and adjust the shape to better suit Em J. 

Onto design #2...

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The Makeway Lab has been developed by educators to increase access to specialised equipment and to inspire learning and participation.

Designed for hospitals, libraries, schools and museums the mobile Makeway Lab can safely support a range of digital learning and creative activities.

Makeway Lab

Hospital Makerspace

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Lamp Project

Product Design

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Spiral artists and others are producing a series of block prints for an exhibition in September 2016.

From their drawings an extruded print plate is 3D printed and a tradition block print method is used.

The prints will be framed and for sale during the exhibition.

The Makeway Lab Residency (to October 2016) aims to enhance Spiral’s programs and include both creative and design for health applications.

The Residency will lead to a showcase exhibition as part of the Sunshine Coast Horizon Arts Festival and include a Sensory Space featuring the participants work.

Spiral’s woodworking team are making a desk lamps using recycled timber, tin and 3D printed components.

The lamps will be in two sizes and on display and for sale as part of a ‘pop-up shop’ during an exhibition in September 2016.

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